Alternatives to sterilization

Considering alternatives to sterilization

You may have had the children you’ve always wanted and you consider your family to be complete. Or you may have decided to have only one child or no children at all and this is right for you. You and your partner may have been discussing a permanent form of contraception: sterilization. Although it may seem an extreme measure, you are convinced that it is the right thing to do as you are sure that you don’t want to get pregnant any more.

However, long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARC) are an excellent alternative to surgery as they can provide comparable level of contraceptive efficiency over a long period of time. Also, although you are 100 % sure that you don’t want children in the future, what would happen if you changed your mind? Studies have shown that many women come to regret being sterilized, a regret that could have been avoided if they had opted for a single administration of a long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) that gives you the freedom to change your mind at any time in the future1. Once you stop using the contraceptive, you can expect a return to your normal level of fertility2. While some forms of sterilization can be reversed, it involves an operation and the success rate of reversal ranges from 31% to 92%, depending, among other things, on the sterilization method used1.

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