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You need a contraceptive method that fits in with your lifestyle and family plans.

You may want to delay having kids until you’ve achieved your career ambitions, gone on that round-the-world trip that you’ve always planned or bought your first home. Maybe you already have children but financial worries mean that you’d prefer a break before having another in a year or two. Or perhaps you’ve fulfilled your family dreams and have all the children you’d like and now is the time to do all the things you’ve always dreamed of doing but were too busy being a mum. Whatever your situation, a long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) can help you plan the family you want and have control over your future.

This website features four long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARC) that are all possible alternatives to oral contraceptives, barrier methods like condoms, and sterilization (a permanent form of contraception). Not only are they highly effective but they also need just one administration to give you contraceptive protection that lasts from 12 weeks to up to several years, depending on your contraceptive choice1,2,3,4.

If and when you do decide to have a child, you simply stop using the contraceptive and your fertility will be restored to normal (immediately with the intrauterine system, the intrauterine device and contraceptive implant, and within a year when using the 3-monthly contraceptive injection)5.

A long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) can also be useful in helping women who suffer from heavy periods. One particular method, the intrauterine system, can significantly reduce your menstrual bleeding as well as provide effective contraception4. The intrauterine system can also be used by menopausal women in conjunction with estrogen replacement therapy to protect their womb from abnormal changes that can result from using estrogen replacement therapy without a progestogen6,4.

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